Secrets of an Interior Designer


2017 Interior Design Trends To Use Now

The Future is Bright

Happy 2017! A bright new year with a not so new direction for interior design. Let’s face it, these trends have all been here before. We welcome them back as interior spaces are leaning towards comfort, serenity, and escapism from a busy and over-connected world.

I hereby resolve to integrate the following trends into my home this year,  they might just encourage you to do the same.


This light, almost peachy shade of pink, was everywhere at market this year. And, we loved it.  Especially when used on upholstered seating and floor coverings.

Blue and Green

While not necessarily a new trend, we are pleased to see the ongoing popularity of two of our favorite hues.  Think painted cabinetry or a tufted sofa in one of these soothing colors.

Nod to Nostalgia

What is old is always new again. The retro vibe is continuing to endure through the new year. The glamour of the 60’s and the bohemian vibe of the 70’s stimulates our design senses. Get groovy with lighting in a brass finish or printed velvet upholstery.