Secrets of an Interior Designer


Window Treatments

Curtain Call

Draperies are an excellent jumping off point for the inspiration of a room’s palette or way to bring the design concept home. While providing privacy is key, the softness and character window treatments add are enhanced by the pattern and color of the fabric.

Two Story Window Treatments Make This Living Room

The two story draperies play up the incredible height of the ceiling and become the feature of this living room. We are gaga for the custom Greek key trim on the leading edge of the panels(above).

Wall to Wall Window Treatments Amplify Coziness

Wall to wall panels add a sense of coziness as the small scale pattern of the fabric brings a traditional element to an eclectic mountain bedroom.

Draperies are the most decorative of window treatments, which make them the most exciting.  Find fabrics that speak to your soul and get ready to terrifically increase the charisma of your home.