Secrets of an Interior Designer


Creating a Curated Space

Mix Master


Ensuring that your home has a one of a kind, curated feel is all about balancing vintage and modern. Appreciate the personality of each item by choosing pieces with character then layer them with more understated pieces for a symbiotic effect, creating a cozy yet timeless room with an uncomplicated feel of having been put together over a period of time.

Curated LivingThis living room is chalk full of family heirlooms, vintage pieces, in addition to new pieces.

 Consider vintage and heirloom items in a new way by modernizing or repurposing them. Reupholster an old ottoman or chair, revive an old piano with a fresh coat of paint, or cluster collectibles in a unified way that reminds you of a bygone era or a family member.  The most inspiring spaces include a touch of the past.

Vintage snake sconces find new life on a chinoiserie framed fabric.

Combining old and new effectively takes a critical eye. Add pieces, move them around, and when necessary edit out any furnishings or accessories that are too dominating or feel forced.