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Captivating Chinoiserie

China Girl

Chinoiserie is a distinctive style that represents a romanticized version of Asia as imagined by Europeans in the 17th and 18th centuries. Known for its exotic elements, fantastical fauna, and unique foliage, this faux-Chinese element has the ability to go traditional or modern, thus making it a design classic.

Chinoiserie Lounge

Alluring Femininity in the Ladies’ Lounge at the Greystone Mansion

It adds an ethereal delicacy to any space and gives the impression of bringing the outdoors in.

Custom Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Imaginative Kitchen Featuring Custom Chinoiserie Wallpaper

On a small scale, it is equally as intriguing. Use accessories and fabrics to summon the enchantment of the orient.

Chinoiserie Vases and JarsA Side Chair Upholstered in a Chinoiserie Fabric

Regardless of your home’s style, chinoiserie is a timeless addition that has the ability to conjure dreams of far away lands.

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