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The Bedside Table

Turning Tables


It seems that our bedrooms are typically the last frontier on the design front. Especially our nightstands. My husband constantly chastises me about the clutter that gathers on mine. I really do try to keep it tidy, but by the end of the week, the surface of it has become a catch-all for jewelry, hair ties, coins, etc, etc, etc…

Decluttering and beautifying your bedside table can be immensely rewarding.  The day seems brighter when the first thing you see in the morning are items that you loving arranged for your own appreciation.  Not to mention that sleep comes a little bit easier when you turn the light off on clean and minimalized personal space.

Bedside Table Styling

The one necessary element of every bedside table is lighting. An articulating arm task lamp is perfect for late night reading,  while a whimsical table lamp scores big in the style department.

Bedside Table Styling

Bedside Table Styling

The key to a well-styled bedroom table is to have items of varying heights and textures, as well as something with shine. Mix and match the following items to create a custom display that suits you.




▪A Candle

▪A Plant or Fresh-Cut Flowers



Illustration by Rooms Interior Design Blog