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Faux Stone Wallpaper

Romancing the Stone

Inspired by nature,  faux stone wallpaper adds an organic appeal to interior spaces. Being on trend with bringing the outdoors in, the fluid feel of the marble and agate prints liven up a space.  As well as dispenses the illusion of texture on the horizontal plane.

Check out some showstopping wallcoverings that have us feeling inspired.

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Faux Stone Wallpaper

Pastel and Metallic

Faux Stone Wallpaper by Black Crow Studio

Bold and Oversized

Faux Stone Wallpaper by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Fun and Feminine

At the risk of being a broken record, the powder room is the ideal place to try something bold. Notably, the room’s small footprint makes installing and changing wallpapers much more accessible (and budget friendly) than a larger space.