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Hair-on-hide, not just for floors.

4 Extremely Innovative Ways to Incorporate Cowhide into Your Décor

Guest Contributor: Kura Perkins

Gone are the days when cowhides were synonymous with western style décor. Recently, cowhides have found their way into the elite interior settings as well as those channeling a more casual chic vibe. After all, it’s all about how you fashion the hide in your preferred setting. A little creativity and innovation are all you need. Let us look at some such interior settings where cowhides have been used as focal points without taking away from the running theme of the room.

Luxurious Rugs 


The most obvious way to incorporate a hide into any room would be to use it as a rug. But you can add variations to that by using two rugs for additional layering. Layering doesn’t just function as a visual addition, but also adds character and depth to any interior.

Or, you can even use a cowhide rug to create a striking contrast in the room. This will not only add a level of drama to the room but also highlight the rich color of the rug.

Plush Upholstery


You can use hide as upholstery fabric and create a whole new look.  It can be used to subtly add natural and rustic accents to your décor. Given the versatile nature of these hides, you can use them for quirky sofas, headrest of beds and also add an entirely unique texture to your coffee table.

Gorgeous Art Installs


Another interesting way to incorporate hide in your room is to throw it over a wall and use it as a piece of wall art. It would look great behind an open shelf or even your bed

Since each hide is inherently unique, they can also be used to create vertical installs in your home. You can go with a more natural print and pattern for a rustic look. And if you want a more unique style, you can also use a circular or asymmetrically tiled rug.


Cozy Cushion Covers


Another great way of using hide in your interiors is by using them as cushion covers. Mix and match differently textured rugs of different designs, or simply match them with the rug. The possibilities are endless as it mixes really well with other textiles. In fact, hide cushions are quite firm and offer good back support!

As you can see, cowhides have immense potential in terms of design and its applications. Because of its tactile nature, it can be applied to various settings in any fashion that you desire – all you need to do is find your inspiration and channel it to suit your style!

Author Bio:

Mom, innovator, entrepreneur, and designer are some of the titles Kura Perkins goes by. Polarity is a word she loves as she joyfully juggles four businesses across multiple countries and three kids! Kura founded her first brand ‘Art Hide’ while on tour working as a PR specialist. She now handles marketing and communications for her various businesses and regularly writes and contributes to various platforms educating people about the beauty and benefits of cowhides, homewares, entrepreneurialism and all things related! When she’s not working or writing, she can be found relaxing at the beach with her husband and her three beautiful daughters.