Secrets of an Interior Designer


Bringing Art To Your Walls

Have you ever wondered just how to spruce up that blank wall that is just so distracting!  We’ve pulled together several creative and beautiful ideas to make your walls shine and bring interest to your space.  Here in this picture, I’ve pulled together an eclectic mix of art, some of which are my grandmother’s paintings.  We love the mix of old and new, as well the variety in frames and subtle pops of color.  When you match all the same frames, it looks to “normal”.  Mixing up the frame and mat sizes helps to make each piece more unique, thus creating a more personal and put-together look.

These rooms create a similar effect.  Mixing new and antique furniture gives life to a space.  Here on the left, the vibrant pattern of the rug and drapes “ground” the art wall.  While it could seem overwhelming, this room feels clean and organized, as the furnishings are simple – letting the art wall draw the attention.

Another great way to bring art to your wall is via decoration.  We LOVE this room!  The mix of the lacquered white antique chairs with purple upholstery, along with the beautiful white chandelier and antique blue and white Delftware pottery are very much unexpected and work wonderfully together.  This “unexpected” look is what defines a room as “designer” which is always our goal.

In this home, we paired large antique mirrors with oversized traditional damask wallpaper.  This again creates an unexpected mix of traditional and contemporary styles.  The richly framed smoky mirrors create a sense of drama, and the shape and repetition harmonize the space.  Additionally, the mirrors are side–lit from within the frame, thus enhancing the drama and emphasizing their presence in the room.

Grasscloth!  We LOVE it!  This patterned Grasscloth on the left is simply stunning.  The minimal amount of table decoration is just right, allowing the wall to be the focus.  On the left, we’ve alternated squares of grasscloth to give dimension and visual interest to the room.   Stunning…