Secrets of an Interior Designer


Dreamy Closets

We love designing homes and spaces that make you feel excited and happy.  All too often these are the “major” spaces of one’s home in which they entertain, but what about the more private spaces that have just as much potential to enhance your OWN well-being!?  That’s why we chose to write about closets.  Sounds kind of boring, but your closet should have as much priority as your master bath – after all it is part of the master suite right!?  Check out some of the amazing master closets….

Accessorize!  Rugs, antique settees, benches and wall art will really bring you closet to the next level.  Not only is it just a place to house your clothes, but it becomes a welcoming dressing room – wouldn’t we all love to have that!!

Lighting is SO important in a closet!  Not only do you need direct overhead lighting, but decorative chandeliers and sconces add sparkle and make a room feel cozier.  For even more focused lighting, integral shelf lighting helps highlight your most prized possessions.

A large mirror is a KEY element!  One of our biggest pet peeves is seeing a huge walk in closet and a tiny mirror.  This is one element that you should splurge on!  We LOVE this huge mirror….so very practical – just make sure to place it somewhere that you can stand back from it.

If you can’t spare an entire room for your master closet, then a piece of furniture will do the trick.  This antique armoire is decked out as a great storage space.  It is functional and is a timeless piece of furniture.

We couldn’t resist this idea!  We love this driftwood hanging rail….so cute and unique!