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Tile Trends

There are so many unique and beautiful ways to use tile, not to mention all of the amazing new tiles that are introduced all the time!  We love traditional tiles, but we also LOVE some of the up and coming trends that we are seeing.  Some of our favorites are faux animal skin tile and textured fabric-like surfaces.  Check out these stunning installations…

We are seeing this everywhere…check out this AMAZING porcelain wood floor tile.  It has an authentic look of beautiful wood floors with a lot less maintenance…and is much more sustainable!  Some other great benefits about this product is that it has a low water absorption (unlike real wood which can warp!), and tile floors exposed to sun can actually absorb the heat throughout the day, acting as a floor warming system throughout the winter nights.  Love the herringbone pattern!

Neutral toned tiles are very popular right now, but rich colors are always in style!  We love these dramatic wall installations.  The colors within this tile are actually fused into the glass, thus preventing any fading or color change over time.  Because of the translucent qualities of glass, light gleams through the tile which intensifies its inherent brilliance.  There are 18 different color options of this particular tile, which come in custom sizes and shapes, allowing you to have a one of a kind space!

Want a custom look with your tile floor?  Mixing different shapes and sizes of tile to create a “rug” appearance will give you just that.  Or you can have your tile installer cut tiles to custom sizes for an even more unique design.  Check out these interesting floor patterns which create a beautiful focal point to the room.

For a fancy look, check out these fabulous terra cotta tiles.  Although on the pricier end, we can’t get enough of these!  They are sure to make a statement in any room in your house!