Secrets of an Interior Designer


Wonderful Wallpaper

Everywhere we look lately, we’ve been finding great wallpaper ideas – whether it’s actually on the wall, or somewhere else in a home!  Check out this dramatic hallway.  I love the juxtaposition of the traditional stair railing and flooring as compared to this bold wallpaper.  As you can see, they even used the leftover wallpaper to line the inside of the lampshade overheard – what a great way to dress up an otherwise plain light fixture and reduce waste!

If you love this dramatic look, but aren’t willing to commit to every wall, just select one wall to focus.  You’ll still achieve the effect, but this way the wall will feel more like a piece of art – and more affordable.  Paint the surrounding walls a coordinating color or use drapes or pillows (as shown here) to pull together the space!

Another way to dress up a wall is to simply upholster it with fabric.  Here we used a gray microsuede fabric with a nailhead design.  Try framing “panels” in the wall with nailheads for a classy and refined look!

A very popular trend as of lately are 3D walls.  These modern designs completely transform a space.

Experiment!  We took sheets of grasscloth and rotated them.  This application completely changed the look, creating a sophisticated and unique focal wall.  For more great wallpaper ideas, please check out and our website at