Secrets of an Interior Designer


The Horse – A Symbol of Grace, Beauty & Power

Have you ever wondered about the symbolism of the Horse?  We sure have!  If you’ve checked out our work you’ve probably noticed a recurrence of this symbolic creature.  Not only is the Horse the largest contributor to the enhancement of civilization over time, but through its deep history with humankind, the Horse has grown to symbolize grace, beauty, power, strength, and freedom.  The Romans believed the Horse to be a symbol of the continuity of life, and Carl Jung observed it to represent the intuitive aspect of human nature.  Not only does the rich symbolism of the Horse intrigue us, but we strive to emulate the simple strength and beauty that it so clearly represents, as can be seen in some of our work.

We like a little sense of humor in interior design.  This lamp is exactly that!   Moooi makes some products that are just way out there, and the “Animal Horse” lamp is one of them. I find this design compelling for a couple of reasons: the rendering of the horse, and the way the light strikes the horse is beautiful, and it’s a horse!  Even stranger – it is LIFE SIZE!”

If your design interest is not quite as playful, you might be interested in this sculptural piece that my husband bought from an artist in a gallery in Ft. Collins.  We love this horse!  Click on the photo and it will take you to the artist’s website.

Check out this oh-so-chic equestrian inspired table from Ralph Lauren Home.  We love the hand stitched harness grade saddle leather wrapped around the bent aluminum frame – talk about a solid but simplistic conversation piece!  We would use this table in a variety of room styles.