Secrets of an Interior Designer



We recently brought in accessories and filler pieces for a photoshoot – and it just reminded us and our clients how important it is to accessorize your home in order to pull together the entire design.  Accessorizing is all too important to finish a space…so we decided to devote this month’s newsletter to just that! One of the most obvious ways to bring color and texture to your home is by throw pillows.  There are so many beautiful fabrics and designs – it is simply a must!  Check out this sofa below – while it is a beautiful sofa on it’s own, it really comes to life with the vibrancy of these pillows.

Books!  What better way to make a good investment in accessories other than books!  Not only are they great for lazy afternoon reading, but they can completely change the feel of space – making it cozier and more comfortable.
LOVE these animal accessories.  We pulled this silver frog for our recent photoshoot and loved the sense of playfulness that it added to the space.  Check out these owl bookends and gold bird bowl – talk about form and function!
Gotta love some tray tables!  We use these all the time and can’t get enough of them.  LOVE the brass stand up tray with bamboo legs and stark white tray.  Portable tray tables are great for coffee tables, ottomans, kitchen islands – and obviously for your summer outdoor parties!
And finally – we just couldn’t resist.  Speaking of form and function – check out this amazing boot umbrella holder…what a great way to greet your guests!  We love these wall hanging candle holders too – the way the light plays off of the dark wall is simply stunning.  And this vase – so very unconventional but a great way to pull color and natural beauty indoors.