Secrets of an Interior Designer


Turquoise and Orange

Color can play a HUGE role in our moods, feelings, and productivity.  Different colors produce different emotions and can carry certain associations.  Two of our favorite colors are turquoise and orange!  Beautiful…


The combination of turquoise and orange is not typical…and that’s what we love about them!  Turquoise can promote tranquility and wellness.  Yellow is energizing and uplifting – promoting cheerfulness and fun.  So a combo of the two can stimulate emotional balance, stability, and rejuvenation.  Who doesn’t want that!?

Saturation is the amount of intensity of color – this room has very saturated colors….giving the space a rich and cultural feeling.  The room show below has softer tones, giving this space a totally different vibe.  Love them both though!


We love pillows….and it’s certainly a great way to bring color to a room!

Love this combo of these two!

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