Secrets of an Interior Designer


Lighting – A Touch Of Magic

Lighting is one of the most critical elements in interior design – not only can it enhance the overall quality of a room, but it can create flexibility and completely change the feeling of a space.   It is so important to build layers of light– meaning overhead general lighting, accent lights, and portable lamps.  We always want to create visual interest – something that adds a touch of magic to a space.  That’s what lighting really is, right? – “a touch of magic”…

Decorative lighting is so important!  If you have a long hallway in your house that feels like a runway, we suggest hanging decorative lighting in place of typical downlights.  Not only does it add interest to the hallway, but it brings the ceiling down and helps it feel more like a special room in your house – not just a connection space.


Accent lighting is another great way to introduce light to a space.  There are several ways to do this, one of which is to incorporate lighting into the architecture, such as cove lighting or undercabinet lighting.  Another way is to add lighting to actual pieces in your home – check out these wall mirrors which have strip lighting built into the inner edge of the mirrors.  The light bouncing off the mirror creates sparkle and visual interest!

Another important layer of light is wall lighting.  Wall sconces are a great way to have a low-level lighting scene and create visual interest.  There are so many beautiful wall sconces out there!  We love incorporating swing arm sconces – check out these fixtures that act as reading lights – super practical for grabbing a book and lounging in this comfy reading room!


Chandeliers can be the jewelry of a home!  The best and most obvious place for them is over a dining room table (not to say that’s the only place they go! – We love putting them in bathrooms, hallways, entryways…).  We love this dining room – every element in the space is bold, from the chairs, to the drapery, and the dining room table – so the chandelier had to stand its ground!  This fixture is fun, yet sophisticated!

Don’t forget about natural lighting!  Sunlight is a key element to creating a dynamic and interesting space.  Allowing a lot of natural light into a room can make it feel larger and more inviting.  We love the way the sun fills this bedroom – it literally makes it feel warm and cozy!