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Off the Wall


Wallpaper is in the midst of a major comeback.  It is showing up to give a graphic punch as well as to add vibrant personality.

But, when used more creatively it can bring whimsy and a one of a kind feel to the most unexpected places.

Here are some downright delightful ways to incorporate wall-coverings onto anything but your walls!

WallpaperCeiling2 WallpaperCeiling3

Ceilings covered in wallpaper are always a lovely surprise!  Why have a boring white ceiling when you can add darling detail and dimension to such a large surface area?

WallpaperedRisers4 WallpaperRisers2 WallpaperRisers6

Often times overlooked, stair risers are a great place to infuse some extra oomph. Stick to patterns in one color palette, or mix and match wall-coverings that have a similar design thread.

This is a great area to use left over scraps of wallpaper as are the rest of the following ideas. Be environmentally friendly by re-purposing  that old paper!

WallpaperCabinets3 WallpaperedCabinet4 WallpaperShelves

Customize your cabinetry!  Regardless if your cabinets have doors, glass doors, or open shelving, covering the rear wall with paper really personalizes any space that it is put into.

Thinking of donating that old book shelf?  How about giving it a new life instead? Wallpaper the inside to make it a relevant piece in your home again.

Turn your closet doors into art by papering the panels.  Also, by adding trim moulding to large panels of wallpaper  it creates an architectural detail that can really enliven a space.

WallpaperPanels WallpaperPanels2 WallpaperDoors

 We would love to help you implement wall-coverings into your interior space!