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Favorite Finds From Paris and Marrakech

Our Favorite Things

On our visit to Paris and Marrakech this year we were awed, we fell in lust, and then in love with SO many objects! From fabrics and furnishings to lighting and flooring. Coming home we felt inspired and excited to implement some of our new found crushes into our client’s homes as well as our new design space in Denver!

Here are some of our favorite finds from this years excursion:

Favorite Finds - Elitis Velvets

Velvet from Elitis! Rich, saturated colors with a slinky – soft texture.


Favorite Finds - Hand crocheted wire pendants

Hand crocheted wire pendants designed by Mark Eden Schooley.

We loved the organic, modern vibe of these, especially in a grouping of five or more.


Favorite Finds - Cruelty Free Taxidermy

Cruelty-free taxidermy.

Created with animals that died of natural causes in zoos and animal refuges.


Favorite Finds - Vintage Murano Glass Chandelier

Vintage Murano glass chandelier.

Vintage one-of-kind pieces take a design from catalog to curated.


Favorite Finds - Morrocan Rug

A unique Moroccan rug.

This blue and cream vintage beauty is coming straight from Marrakech’s souk.


We are constantly on the hunt for exceptional pieces for our clients, locally as well as abroad. Searching high and low to deliver unique design concepts, wherever the road may lead us. From Paris to Marrakech and beyond. Creating curated spaces for one-of-a-kind clients.