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Glorious Grasscloth

Grazing in the Grass(Cloth)

The beauty of grasscloth wallpaper is in it’s imperfections and minor discrepancies in color. Being a natural-fiber handwoven product it is not designed to be an exact match.  It’s inconsistencies deliver ample amounts of warmth and texture. Created from exotic grasses and painstakingly interwoven with cotton and seagrass, no two pieces of grasscloth are ever the same. Due to it’s uniqueness, no wonder this wall-covering option made a big comeback from the 1960s and 1970s. It’s rustic as well as refined and works exquisitely with any design style.


Grasscloth Wallpaper


Grasscloth Wallpaper


Grasscloth wallpaper comes in a wide variety of options. Varying from different weaves, printed, hand-painted, and metallic. Therefore, providing an option for every type of space imaginable.