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WSJ Article: Ditch the Dining Room

Our Pony Up Ranch project has received quite a bit of press, and we were over the top excited when approached by the Wall Street Journal who wanted to do a story focused on the Colorado “Not the Dining Room” that is part of a project Andrea Schumacher Interiors completed near Vail. Their title, “Luxury Homeowners Who Ditched the Dining Room” really says it so perfectly!


Formal dining rooms are quite frequently left unused. Homeowners considering alternative use for the dining space are starting to think outside the box. That’s exactly how this “Dining Study” combination was created, and the least-used room in the house became highly functional.

The book-lined room has a 20 foot wide retracting glass wall, making the home instantly transformable into indoor-outdoor living by opening onto a spacious terrace with incredible views.

Outdoor dining with moving glass wall system

Three large, custom-built walnut tables set on casters can be used as a library, study area, game room, party room and when the occasion arises, a dinner party room. Set together as one very long dining table, or rolled outside for alfresco dining, the room that was never intended to be a dining room converts quite easily to the utmost in dining experiences.

The Florida residents built their dream retreat home on the 146-acre property with mountains surrounding and a river running through. Not bringing the amazing view and fresh outdoor air in and making them part of the home living environment would be almost unthinkable.