Color! The New Neutral in Home Decorating

Color! We love color in our lives, and here at Andrea Schumacher Interiors, we especially love it when it comes to our home interior projects. Adding color may seem scary and out of your norm. However, the color in your home plays a significant part in establishing your everyday mindset and it can tell your story. It definitely adds expression and an extension of your personality when color is projected in the interior of your home. It can determine the energy in each room and influence your day-to-day experiences and memories.

Everyone includes neutral tones in their home decorating, even if they do not realize it, because neutral goes with EVERYTHING. It can be challenging to move away from them and explore bolder and brighter options. But no matter how easy they are, the achromatic colors are getting outshone by color, jewel tones and warm colors are especially popular interior trends. 

Color is now the new neutral in home decorating, and it is easy to see why. They catch your attention and will increasingly be seen in interiors and fixed finishes, including cabinetry, ceilings, tiles, and more. 

Beautiful wallpaper and green island in redesigned kitchen

 What are Jewel Toned Colors?

Jewel tones are richer toned colors that parallel the popular gemstone colors we all know and love. These colors include emerald green, amethyst purple, sapphire blue, ruby red, turquoise, amber yellow, and even onyx black and topaz. These colors are simple yet add so much to a room. They add the depth and elevation your home needs to become as dreamy as the houses you see in any home and goods magazine. They are an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to dip their toes in the color world.

What are Warm Colors?

We all remember back in third grade art class when we learned the color wheel. But most of us have forgotten that the color wheel is divided into cold and warm colors. Warm colors are the reds, oranges, and yellows and combinations of these on the spectrum. As the name states, it may remind you of warm things such as sun and heat. Warm colors can brighten up and warm up any room. Do you have a dark and cold basement? Add some warm colors and watch your room come to life!

Study and sitting room in bright cayenne orange paint

 Color Emotion

The saying “ I feel blue” is a great example to explain color emotion. Color is an essential factor in setting our moods, so when it comes to designing our houses, you want to make it count,  because these are the colors that we will be surrounding your life. Surrounding yourself in neutral colors may affect your emotions by reflecting dullness. Grey could start to remind you of cloudy and dark days.  The article Color Your World (Or at Least your Walls) and Change Your Mood offers advice about how you can evoke emotion simply by painting your walls a new color.

Everyone needs an environment that makes them feel happy and brings joy to their lives. Your environment should have a positive and compelling aesthetic that differentiates it from the stereotypical dry colors in most houses. These colors can change how you go forth in your life, and even set you off for your day, feeling proud, happy, or motivated. 

Surrounding yourself with the colors you love will be extremely satisfying once you’ve brought it all together. Differing from the ordinary and indulging in a dark emerald or burnt orange that revolutionizes your space truly makes it one of a kind. 


Furnishing colors that evoke emotion

Colorful Cabinetry

Think of a space with cabinetry. In the kitchen we are surrounded by cabinetry. Mudrooms and bathrooms are additional spaces with cabinets.  Now think of cabinetry as another way to add color into your life. When you think of the kitchen you think of food and eating. The foods we eat have colors associated to them. Yellow bananas, red tomatoes, green cumbers, etc. The feeling we get when seeing specific colors and eating certain foods goes hand in hand and this ultimately results in enjoyment and satisfaction. If you are remodeling your kitchen or want to repaint the cabinets, opt to paint them with a bright and vibrant color. There are different tones, such as a soft yellow or a deep red that could genuinely make your kitchen unique and stand out. 

Opt for colored plates, bowls, or glasses that will make your kitchen pop, especially if you have cabinets with glass windows. If you want a more manageable project, paint the back wall of your cabinets so every time you open them up, you are greeted with a rush of color. Adding these colors to your kitchen is going to make meals and parties more lively and give your family and guests something to talk about.

Sleek kitchen with bright yellow cabinets and industrial kitchen hood

 Lively Walls

Homes have a lot of walls. Do not be afraid to try out a room with color! Or start with one accent wall to begin exploring the possibility. This is a little more subtle, but you can still appreciate the color connection. If you are wanting a room to be different and truly make a statement, be bold, and paint the room with a solid bright color. You can still decorate to make it not overwhelming, and it changes the pace when it comes to most of our homes being neutral.  Adding fun and unique colors to your walls will change a space instantly and the best part about paint and color is that if you don’t love it, you can change it! 

Vibrant Tiles

Tiles are a perfect and sleek way to make your bathroom or kitchen area pop with color. When it comes to adding color to your home it can be so scary and a lot to take on. If you’re wanting to mix things up and give color a chance, a fun and simple way would be to add color in your tiles. If you feel shy about making the walls colorful, try the next best thing–the floor! Tiles provide beautiful flooring and with so many different options for patterns, sizes, and colors. A navy blue tiling with white walls creates a clean look and is still easy to match. 

Rich Fabrics and Furniture

If painting your walls or putting up new tiles are a bit too much of a time investment, find furniture with non-toxic materials that are jewel or warm-toned add flavor to your rooms. Accent chairs, pillows, and blankets are the most accessible solutions to incorporate. Adding bright pillows to a mostly white or neutral room is a simple and cost-effective way to add pops of color to your space. Never forget the little details, these can go a long way in the world of color. 

Dramatic Dining Room Chandelier and Pink Dining Chairs

In conclusion, we all love our neutral colors and yes neutral can be a lifesaver in your home. It will always be a simple, easy-to-coordinate look. But never be afraid to make that change and brighten up some rooms with color. It is not limited to just the walls or floors, but furniture and accents around the house as well. Explore different options and feel out what works best for you and your home. It could be the key to that perfect touch you are seeking for your home.