Global Immersion: Finding Inspiration in Marrakech, Morocco & Milan, Italy

Embarking on my annual trip to Morocco to shop for projects at home, I found myself once again immersed in a world of boundless inspiration and cultural richness. Rug shopping in Morocco is like nothing else — each textile tells a story woven with intricate patterns, vibrant color, and masterful craftsmanship. These rugs transcend decor pieces; they’re cultural artifacts that infuse spaces with exotic elegance and depth, adding soul to any interior design project.

My journey began in the bustling streets of Marrakech, where the ancient Medina stands as a living testament to centuries of history and tradition. Within this labyrinthine maze are the vibrant souks —  bustling marketplaces brimming with a kaleidoscope of goods, from custom-made shoes and clothing to intricate pillows and decor pieces. Each corner we turned revealed a new treasure trove of inspiration, solidifying why we embrace the diversity and authenticity of Moroccan craftsmanship and design.

El Fell Hotel Marrakech Morocco

During my stay at the exquisite El Fenn hotel, a fusion of traditional Moroccan architecture and modern luxury, I found solace and inspiration in its elegant spaces. Originally a private family residence, El Fenn’s attention to detail and commitment to hospitality emphasizes the importance of creating visually captivating and welcoming environments.

Venturing further into the vast expanse of the Sahara, we found ourselves at the White Camel resort, an oasis amidst vast, seemingly infinite golden sands. We reveled in the timeless beauty of the desert landscape, riding camels with friends and enjoying a private dinner fireside overlooking the Sahara. The evening unfolded with a feast of traditional Moroccan cuisine, each bite resonating with the essence of Moroccan culinary artistry.

Marrakech Morocco Medina

Reflecting on my trip to Morocco, I’m reminded of the transformative power of travel and cultural immersion in shaping one’s design perspective. By embracing the diverse tapestry of Moroccan art, cuisine, and tradition, I not only found inspiration for my design projects in Denver and throughout the United States, but also a renewed sense of creativity and connection to the world around me. Morocco’s kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and flavors has left an indelible mark on my soul, reigniting a passion for designing interiors that transcend aesthetics and tell stories of authenticity and depth.

Transitioning from Marrakech to the cosmopolitan allure of Milan, Italy, I found myself immersed in a city renowned for its rich history in art, culture, fashion, and interior design. Milan stands out as a hub for design innovation, seamlessly integrating tradition with modern trends to create a distinctive aesthetic that captivates design enthusiasts globally.

During my stay, I had the pleasure of hosting a garden cocktail party in collaboration with Luxe Magazine, sponsored by Christian Daw, Hamilton Sinkler, Kravet Inc., and Liesl Collection. The event brought together a diverse group of friends, collaborators, and influencers, resonating with creativity and design excellence on a balmy Spring afternoon in Milan.

Milan Italy
Milan Italy Galleria

Attending the esteemed Salone del Mobile Milano 2024 was a highlight of the trip, immersing me in a world of cutting-edge design trends and innovations. This global platform showcases Milan as a creative nucleus where design, fashion, architecture, and beauty harmoniously coexist, setting trends felt throughout the design world for a long time to come.

At Salone we attended parties hosted by renowned brands like Kohler and Artemest Luxury Furniture & Home Decor, underscoring Milan’s reputation as a design powerhouse. The city’s architectural triumphs, chic boutiques, and intricate details more than justified its status as a design capital, not only in Italy but across the globe.

An unforgettable highlight of the trip was visiting The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, a cultural touchstone celebrated for its artistry and symbolism. Witnessing this iconic painting firsthand was a poignant reminder of the enduring impact of art and culture on society.

As I bid farewell to the enchanting cities of Marrakech and Milan, I carry invaluable inspiration that will continue to shape my design journey. Grazie, Milano, and Marhaba, Marrakech, for an unforgettable journey of design and cultural immersion.

Xoxo, AMS

Leonardo da Vinci The Last Supper Milan Italy

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