Spring Cleaning For a Vibrant Home

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and the sun seems just a little bit brighter. Unfortunately, that means you can see the clutter and dust that’s been accumulating over the past few months. If you’re ready to dig out and need some spring cleaning ideas, we’ve got you covered with these spring cleaning ideas to keep your home vibrant!

Check out the following tips on how you can make the most of your spring cleaning to-do list.

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Enjoy the Fresh Air

Warmer days mean you can open up those windows and let the fresh air in! But don’t forget, this is also a great time to ensure that your indoor air stays fresh and dust free all year long. Take a few minutes and add changing out household filters to your spring cleaning list. This will help reduce dust and dirt as fans and central air systems are running this summer.

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Organize, Organize, Organize

Clutter does not create good vibes. Take a few steps back, assess your closets, drawers, cupboards and shelves, and then make some hard-cutting decisions. You don’t need to go full Marie Kondo to declutter your home, but a few simple tricks will make a big difference.

  1. Inspect each room in your home to see if there are items that have been added or landed in places that could be removed to make the space look more elegant and less cluttered.
  2. Keep a tote in your closet that you can toss old or outdated outfits into. When the season changes, you can easily scoop them all up and add them to your donation pile.
  3. Speaking of closets – When was the last time you went through the closet near the front door? How about the linen closet? Now’s the time to fling them open and organize. Get rid of old or unused items, collect like items in small baskets, and consolidate as needed.
  4. If you haven’t used something in years and it’s just collecting dust on a shelf, consider donating or up-cycling it into something new. This can go for old furniture too.
  5. Use your space wisely. Try storing extra shoes, handbags, or pillows in storage totes under your bed. This under-the-bed space likely isn’t being utilized, and you’ll save room in your closets for things you use more often.
  6. Add woven baskets or storage ottomans to each room to hold blankets, remotes and other items that you don’t use as frequently. You’ll have added a beautiful accouterment, the room will look less jumbled and everything you need will still be close at hand.
Traditional dining room mixing found items with new finishes

Deep Clean

It shouldn’t surprise you that everything from the chandelier in your dining room to the rug in your entryway can hold immense amounts of dust and grime.

Start from the highest areas (light fixtures, wall art, upper shelving, and door tops) and dust downward to ensure both vertical and horizontal surfaces are taken care of. After dusting, vacuum the area to collect everything that has fallen onto the floor.

Use high-quality wood oil to clean, condition, and freshen wood surfaces, being sure to remove any excess oil before moving on. Next, give those windows a nice clean sparkle  – inside and out. Lastly, wipe down natural stone and stainless steel surfaces to remove smudges and fingerprints.

If you don’t want to use any harsh chemicals, try cleaning with diluted vinegar. Not only is vinegar cost-effective, it’s also antibacterial and great for removing pet stains and odors. In addition to superb cleaning, vinegar also doesn’t leave any sticky or filmy residues -just a streak-free shine. You can be confident your kids and pets won’t be crawling through anything they shouldn’t (at least in the house), and you won’t get judged by your mother-in-law when she “pops in” unexpectedly.

While you’re cleaning surfaces, toss all of those entry rugs, sofa pillows and throw blankets into the laundry. Even though they may not show it – these items can quickly collect just as much (if not more) dust as other surfaces in your home. A quick shake of rugs outside followed by a good vacuuming will liven up your floors and make them look brand new. As for sofa pillows – if the covers come off, toss them into the washing machine (following all manufacturer suggested directions) and give the pillow innards a good shake outside.

Pay Special Attention to Investment Pieces

If you’re like any of us interior designers and our clients, you have invested in beautiful pieces for your home. By adding these few steps to your annual Spring cleaning list you’ll prolong their life and appeal, ensuring the longevity of your prized assets. You can choose to hire a professional or go the DIY route, depending on how hands-on (or not) you want to be.

  1. When washing pillow covers and draperies, pay close attention to the fabric prior to tossing in the washing machine, you may need to take them to a dry cleaner. If not, be sure to use a gentle cleanser on a delicate cycle, as well as turn pillow covers inside out to prevent piling.
  2. Steam clean upholstered furnishings and deep clean carpeting and area rugs. It is possible to rent cleaning devices or launder area rugs yourself,  sans machine. Check out this link for DIY instructions.   A hand’s off alternative,  Zerorez uses a safe, non-toxic water-based cleaning agent.  Zerorez can also freshen up the hard surfaces in your home.
  3. Remove dust and debris from lampshades. It is as easy using a lint roller.

Glass top coffee tables, gold lamps, and splashes of color in home interiors

Add Some Color to Those Interiors!

As you see the flowers blooming outside, it may inspire you to add some color inside. Make this a fun project and consider these ideas:

  1. Add some vibrant throw pillows on sofas and beds.
  2. Add a new coat of paint to an accent wall or a piece of accent furniture and display it somewhere you’ll get to see it regularly.
  3. Move your furniture around to create new traffic patterns and light patterns throughout your home.
  4. Add some new window coverings before the summer sun intrudes on your enjoyment of an afternoon book and a glass of wine.
  5. Bring the outside inside. Trim a few peonies, lilacs, tulips, azaleas or hyacinth and pop them into a vase on the kitchen table. Heck, put them by the front door, the back door, in the living room and the kitchen as well. That way, even on those wetter spring days, you can still enjoy the beauty and fresh scents of spring.

Do What Works Best For You

With spring cleaning, there really is no right or wrong way to do it. You can clean a little, you can clean a lot, you can organize to your heart’s content, or you can ignore it all until summer. It’s truly up to you.

However, if you’re feeling like a good spring cleaning just isn’t going to do the job and you need a little more than dusting and organizing to bring out the vibrancy in your home, contact us! As one of the top-rated Colorado interior designers, we believe that making your home a unique and enjoyable environment doesn’t have to be complicated. We work with you to design a living space that is creative, functional, and stylish. Contact Denver interior decorator Andrea Schumacher today to learn more.