Remount Ranch

A full remodel of the historic Remount Ranch which was once owned by famous author Mary O’Hara. It was here that she wrote the novel My Friend Flicka, which was later adapted into a popular movie series and a TV show to follow.

While this wasn’t our first time fully remodeling a rustic ranch farmhouse, it was our first time remodeling a ranch with historic significance into modern ranch interior design. In all of the details at Remount Ranch, we were determined to bring back the best parts of the original house and create a story where old collides with new. From the custom wallpaper we created of vintage newspaper clippings featuring Remount Ranch, to the ranch’s monogram repeated throughout, including the nail head design at the base of the custom, channeled, upholstered banquette in the billiards room. Our clients would never run out of things to talk about when guests or family came to stay.

Let us create your dream modern ranch style interiors today! Our modern farmhouse ranch interior design seamlessly blends rustic and modern elements for a unique style.  Contact Andrea Schumacher Interiors now to begin your ranch home interiors renovation!




William Abranowicz