Pretty Powder Rooms

Powder rooms are one of the most widely used rooms in a house – not only by our families, but also by our guests….which is why they need to shine!  Our Denver bathroom designers are experts at recreating these rooms with a lot of WOW factor, and our clients love them! Some of our favorite powder rooms that we’ve designed include daring wallpaper and custom-painted vanities that create a beautiful focal point in the room.

Speaking of wallpaper, go BIG!!  If you really want to make a statement somewhere in your house, this is where you can do it.  You might think that a large or colorful pattern might not work in a small space – it does, trust us!

Powder rooms are a great opportunity for unique and beautiful wall tile.  Create an “unexpected” look by pairing items you love without trying to figure out what will “look best” – the most interesting spaces are those that are the most unexpected, like the Denver bathroom remodel projects shown below.

Showcase some art!  What a great place to show off some interesting artwork.  It’s also a great place for smaller pieces that you may have a hard time finding a place for.

Limit your materials.  Using a lot of the same material can feel too heavy or matchy, but sometimes the simplicity of an overall design allows the gold leaf and other metal material to shine.

For another “unexpected” look, drop a group of pendant light fixtures on one side of your vanity, or flank a pair on each side.  We often see wall sconces in bathrooms, but pendants (paired with general overhead lighting) are a great way to bring sparkle to a room.